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You’re a top 10 NBA superstar, ringless, and on your last year in the league, who would you play with: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or LeBron James?

Is Mickey Mantle, considering everything, the best baseball player ever?

Pourquoi y a-t-il un peu plus d’arrogance chez certains boxeurs et joueurs d’échecs que chez les joueurs d’autres sports? Est-ce parce que ces sports sont aux extrêmes du corps et de l’esprit?

What are the prospects of a junior female badminton player in India right now? How tough is the competition on the junior national circuit?

What is Vergil’s (Devil May Cry) fighting style based on in real life?

What are the different types of strikers in Football? How are Suarez, Lewandowski, Aguero, Aubameyang, and Higuain different from each other?

What are your predictions for the 2017 MLB postseason bracket?

Is there any algorithm that can solve a Rubik’s Cube from any scrambled state? If yes, what is it?

What are some films where two people fight and then kiss?

Quel est le punch et le combo les plus importants et les plus utiles à maîtriser en boxe?

What can trekkers do during the Everest Base Camp trek?

Why do our Indian football players not play for major football clubs like Barcelona, Real Madrid, etc.?

Why is the Rubik’s Cube so hard?

Comment s’entraîne-t-on à atteindre une cible très dynamique comme un boxeur doué en esquive et en tissage?

On Memorial Day 2017, the division leaders in MLB are the Yankees, Astros, Twins, Nationals, Cubs, and Rockies. Will the season end like this?