Who is the most underrated Footballer right now?

  1. Sergio Busquets

He was always an underrated player. Have you ever wondered why players like neymar have been allowed to do all sorts of gimmicks and tricks and whatnot even though he ends up losing the ball many times? Shouldn’t that be a defensive question mark? Well, neymar has been given the full freedom because of this one person. Funny how Kante is being appreciated so much for it(he deserves it) but not so much for Busquets. He has an important role but a rather thankless one. He initiated the positional play from the back and is the insurance to win the ball back when things go haywire in front.

2. Ander Herrera

Since you said currently, this is one of the biggest examples. If you check herrera’s stats, you’ll realise he has one of the most impressive contributions to Manchester United and dictates almost everything in the team. He takes on the opposition, tackle if necessary, and do the dirty work while allowing pogba to find a passing route by going forward. He is also able to nullify the opposition like no o e can. A big game player and is dependable at any point of time. However, he is hardly appreciated.

3. Naby Keita

It’s funny that many football fans have never even heard this name. He has been one of the most complete player I’ve seen since Roy Keane and Patrick Viera. This Leipzig talisman has been the engine behind RB Leipzig’s impressive season. However, the lack of popularity for bundesliga and the hatred for Leipzig has been a major factor behind him being underrated. Although we are yet to see if he can do this every season.

4. Nicolas Ottamendi

Manchester city had forgettable seasons in terms of defence in 15/16 and 16/17. However, one man was a huge exception to this. That’s right. Nicolas Ottamendi has one of the most impressive tackling rates as well as take ons. However, ageing full backs and an inexperienced John Stones meant that his work was gone unseen by most.

5. Eric Bailly

Manchester United has one if the best defensive records in the 16/17 season along with Tottenham Hotspurs. However, if you were aware of their season, you’ll realise maroxs Rojo, Chris Smalling and Phil Jones were all injured at different points in the season. Not to mention by April when almost all of them were injured. Yet, this impressive record was maintained due to the strength and talent of this beast of a defender. Almost played every game when united competed in all competitions and compensated for the defensive partners’ injury by putting extra work. But do you see his name anywhere when mentioning great defenders? Nope. Hence vastly underrated.

I have a list and the number does not specify the level of under-ratedness just the ones that came to my mind.


I enjoy watching this little magician play.The way he creates chances and squeezes out balls from tight situations in incredible.He’s quite un-pressable IMO.

Watch this compilation.

2.Victor Moses

I believe that he first broke into the Chelsea 1st team under Benitez in the Europa Cup.He’s a no nonsense footballer.Does what he’s told.He’s a very good wingback with a lot of discipline and energy,a newly found role under Conte’s 3-5-2.I’m a big fan of the 3 at the back formation,and i use it in FIFA alot and my wingbacks are always physically strong and pacey and defensively sound ,just like Moses.

Moses a menace to West Ham as Chelsea leave Carroll with a bloody nose

3.Mario Mandzukic

Really works hard for the team. An orthodox No 9,if you want.Always a presence in the box and very good in the air.When Juventus are forced to whip in crosses by defensive plays his presence in vital as it gives himself and others(Dybala and Higuain) oppurtunities.Still dont know why Arsenal did not bid for him(I’m a gooner btw)

His best performances in a Juve shirt is condensed into this video

4.Michael Carrick

He’s aging.He’s lost his legs.But without him UTD would never get where they are in this season.Knows when to press and when not to. Plays good balls out wide. Indispensable ATM even if Mou wants to replace him.

An article by Mirror earlier this season on Carrick’s role in Mou’s Man utd.

The proof that Michael Carrick is Man United’s most important player

5. Lukaku

What else has this guy has to do in order for the ‘big clubs’ to appreciate his skill.Carries his team.Scored a lot of goals for the kind of service he gets.Big,Strong and quick.What else do you want.Does he have to dab on a regular basis aswell????

Some say that his first touch needs improvements and that there is a lot to improve but let me tell you this an unfinished product is doing so much and one can only wonder what a complete package would look like.If he were English the media will be all over the moon about his under-ratedness.If he’d been playing in Man utd like Martial is then too would he have earned some worthy praise.


The heart of the Barcelona.Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.His performance is what lets his comrades shine.He does the dirty work and is satisfied by the little appreciation he gets.The number of time he puts a leg in to prevent a counter attack is uncountable. Take a card or the team without hesitation. MSN shine at the expense of this maestro.Del Bosque is among the few that rate him highly.

He’s my favourite player and i’m serious.

Consider Barcelona as a piano.Busquets holds it steady so that the maestros can play melodies on it.

This is an old article on Busquets that sums up my argument

The Invisible Artistry of Sergio Busquets | VICE Sports


My reviews are not purely stat based but by a lot of in game performance that usually goes unnoticed.I have tried to make my jusdgements bias free but some of it is bound to creep in.Please feel free to disagree.Also leave a comment and a vote.

Thanks to Agastya Chandrakanth for the valuble suggestions.

Many of my followers know who I’m going to pick here.

Radja Nainggolan

He is the most complete midfielder in the world, dynamic, hard working, and tenacious. An adept ball winner as well, he has an eye for goal and can score stunners from outside the 18. He has brilliant passing and field vision, but he is also very strong technically. A very physical midfielder, he is also very versatile and can play anywhere in the midfield. Right now he is playing in the advanced midfield role for Roma and is still putting up brilliant numbers defensively as well as six goals this season. His tenacity, aggressive tackling makes him a brilliant defensive option as well. He is the best overall midfielder, offensively and defensively at the moment. Roma’s gladiator, Radja Nainggolan.

‘Ander Herrera’

Born 14 August 1989, Ander is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for English club Manchester United and the Spain national team.

He began his career at Real Zaragoza, before moving to Athletic Bilbao in 2011 and then to Manchester United for €36 million in 2014. He was named the club’s player of the year in the 2016–17 season.

These are his premier league stats :

I must admit his stats are pretty Impressive.

On 18 May 2017, Herrera was awarded the Sir Matt Busby Player of the Year award. After helping Manchester United win the 2017 UEFA Europa League Final on 24 May, Herrera was awarded the game’s man of the match accolade, which he dedicated to victims of the 2017 Manchester Arena bombing which occurred a few days earlier.

Herrera’s style of play led to comparisons with former United legend Paul Scholes, and he was praised by the man himself as United’s best signing of the 2014 summer transfer window.

Among the likes of the so called ‘Best Midfielders’, Ander Herrera is definitely Underrated!


One of the most underrated player in present times for me has to be non other than EDIN DZEKO.

Although his talent was unquestioned, Dzeko shot into prominence when he was the star of Wolfsburg’s maiden Bundesliga victory in 2008 09 season with 22 league goals. This was one of the rare campaigns when a team won the league because of their striker’s prowess in front of the goal. Afterwards, he played the main role in Manchester City’s title win in 2011 12 by scoring 16 goals and 10 assists. At Roma, he scored most goals in a season of 39 by any Roma player last year, breaking Totti’s record. They agonizingly finished 2nd last year under Spalleti.

Formations changed, coaches changed, teams and leagues changed. Only constant was dzeko’s insatiable hunger for goals in every game he plays.

An able targetman, a supporting striker, a frontline leader, I am still baffling over inability of top teams to acquire a striker of such quality who has proved himself at every moment. At 31, he led AS Roma this year into KO of CL from a difficult group of top teams.

Look out for him as he will continue to grab headlines in the future and I would still be wondering how top teams missed on his services.

In my opinion there are various players in this world of football who are underrated.

Since I am a Gooner, I must say Laurent Kocielny is one of the most underrated CB.
We lost our last match for poor defence and of course the Charismatic saves by De Gea. But simply, Koscielny is world class. He slides across the turf like a flymo and is the focal point of the Gunners’ impressive defence. The 32-year-old is competent in the air, a strong tackler and refreshingly calm in possession but it’s his defensive side-kick Per Mertesacker that seems to receive the majority of praise. This is a borderline criminal offence and needs to be swiftly changed for the good of the football nation.

There are many underrated players in the world like Harrera, lallana, Douglas Costa and many more players like other answers suggested.

But here I would suggest two players who ability and performance wise are among the best in the world but are never mentioned when argument about the best in that position is presented.

1.Keylor Navas :

Two Champions league final heroics against strong Atletico Madrid attackers including penalty saves in regulation time as well as in shootout sums up his level of performance in last few years. Constantly bails Real Madrid out at the back with big saves against big opponents, his save percentages, catches to punches ratios over the last three years is up there or even better than the best in the world but is never mentioned amongst the likes of Neuer, De Gea and Courtois to be best in the world. He is very underrated and under appreciated and is doing real thankless job.

2. César Azpilicueta :

Vital cog of successful Chelsea defense over last few years and his performances never dropped even last year when it was a dreadful season for most of his defensive partners. Defensively never makes a mistake, exceptional positional sense and reading of danger. You never see a attacker getting better of him. His versatility make him even better player, either in right or left full-back position and even in Right Center back position this year in back three he has been rock solid. He effortlessly replaced legendary Ashley Cole and never made his absence felt over these years. Saying his performances in last 4 years have been only good would be an understatement he has been excellent. And yet he is never given enough credit and praised in enough by media given his performances and is never mentioned among the best full-backs in the world with the likes Alba, Alaba, Marcelo and Lahm because people these days focus more on attacking abilities of full-backs and forget that first job of a defender is to defend, where Azpilicueta is best by a distance. Very underrated.

This man, GABI is the most underrated.He is underrated in his team.He is the captain yet if we hear Atletico Madrid, only names like Griezmann,Godin,Torres come to our mind and not this guy.


1.Has never been capped by the senior National team even though he is the captain of Atletico Madrid. Maybe bcos spain had iniesta,xavi.And aged 34 now has no chance with spain having a much younger midfield of saul,koke and busquets.

2.Does the dirty job for his team in tackling and breaking up oppositions play.

3.Holds his heart in his shirt.Loves his club very much.

4.But yet doesnt get the credits, while everyone praises griezmann,godin.People tend to forget him like how spain national team forgot him.

Yet plays like his club is everything.Best captain who fights for his players and along with Simeone puts his full effort on the pitch expecting no returns.

Spain needs to give him a chance atleast once.

Cesar Azpilicueta

Though he is primarily a Right Back, he can play in multiple positions.

During 2013/14 season, he played as a left back replacing an injured Ashley Cole and performed so well in that position, even better than Cole would have done himself.

Later after Cole’s departure, Chelsea signed Filipe Luis from Atletico Madrid who was one of the best left backs in Europe then. Guess what, Filipe Luis could not break into the Chelsea first team because Cesar was too good to be dropped. He had cemented himself as a regular starter.

Then during the 2016/17 season under Antonio Conte’s 3–4–3, he excelled as a Right Centre back (sometimes even played in both the wing back positions) and led Chelsea to title glory.

Also this season, he has been phenomenal and his partnership with fellow spaniard Alvaro Morata has resulted in most number of goals than any other pair in the Premier League.

He is any manager’s delight, yet he doesn’t receive the same amount of limelight as some other footballers despite his unquestionable talent and consistent performances.

He definitely is one under-appreciated player in world football currently.

A Chelsea fan boy…

Ladies and gentlemen meet Sergio Busquets. Most talented central defensive midfielder in the world. He is such a big asset to Barca. For almost over a decade he has stayed in the same position, managers come and go but he is not replaced. His positioning sense, stopping opponents from counter attacking, tackles, long passes, through balls is extra ordinary. Even having so much talent in him, he is not given any individual trophies, all the credits goes to Messi, Iniesta, Suarez etc. People just don’t see how brilliant this man is.

For me it would be Jack Wilshere.

One of the only few positives from this dismal season for Arsenal is this guy.The only guy who shows fight,passion and actually looks like he still wants to play for Wenger. He is easily one of the better midfielders in England but is often not appreciated enough for the efforts he puts on the field and is the only player in the entire team who plays his heart out and shows grit.

Always wanted to answer this question

He’s none other than my favourite …SERGIO BUSQUETS of FC Barcelona.

Quite simply the best defensive midfielder in the world and has been so since last 4–5 years . Never fully recognised due to team full of superstars but his performance is directly proportional to how the whole team performs.

Brought from Barcelona b team by Pep Guardiola he has established himself as a regular starter in Spain as well as Barcelona team . Future captain of club and probably country ,has won everything there is to win and now only 28 has a long way to go.

Just does his job quietly behind Xavi and Iniesta , mostly dirty work of clearing up , breaking the attack and starting a new one . Quite clearly the best at his job.

Laurent Koscielny – Arsenal

The centre back glides across the turf like a Flymo lawn mower and is the focal point of the Gunners’ impressive defence. The 30-year-old is competent in the air, a strong tackler and refreshingly calm in possession but it’s his defensive side-kick Per Mertesacker that seems to receive the majority of praise. This is a borderline criminal offence and needs to be swiftly changed for the good of the football nation.

Actually,there are many.

Cesar Azpilicueta

Jordan Henderson

Marek Hamsik

Daley Blind

Shinji Kagawa

Hugo Lloris

Laurent Koscielny

Miralem Pjanic


Alvaro Morata

The players I mentioned are completely based upon my point of view.Yet,people will point out a few 1 or 2 to be exclusive because most of the players in this list don’t get the credit of praise they really deserve.

I will have to say Michael Carrick of England and Manchester United. He was and still is one of the most unsung heroes of his team. Even at the age of 35, his passing ability and ball distribution is second to none. He is the backbone of the midfield. He can also turn defense into attack in the blink of an eye with a well weighted through ball or a sublime long ball. The England national team should have definitely used him more in partnership with either Gerrard or Lampard when it was clear that both Gerrard and Lampard didn’t enjoy each other’s presence in the centre of the midfield. Carrick can also break up the play for his team and his commitment to the team is unquestionable as well. He is well disciplined and a leader on the pitch. It’s such a shame that he is so underappreciated and underrated. His upcoming testimonial for Manchester United is very well deserved and a massive sign of appreciation and respect that his club have for him along with the appreciation and love of the fans.

Mr. Mousa Dembélé, hands down!

Given, he’s not the best player, not by an absolute screamer (long shot) but he is never the less very underrated for the influence and value he brings to the team. He’s possibly one of the best midfielders in the EPL. Very underrated for someone with his skills.

I’m not even a Spurs fan. But this guy is just brilliant. He’s good on the ball and off it. His experience and presence, on and off the ball as well as what he adds to the team are really valuable. He’s even part of the Belgium super team being formed now and at 30 is still not just a member of the team but an important of the team.


He is the best striker in the world currently as he has already scored 23 goals in just 21 games and many of his goals have been world class.Last year,he scored 49 goals in 50 matches in all competitions. Still,he doesn’t get the attention he deserves .Currently,he is better than lewandowski,suarez ,icardi ,aguero, aubameyang and benzema.

Michael Carrick

Carrick is not appreciated as much he should .The guy is 35 right now and still bosses Man utd midfield. The above stats are little old but that is to show that he is not a one season wonder .Michael Carrick has won everything at Man utd ..(Ucl,EPL,Fa cup,Efl).

2)Gilphy Siggurdsson


3)Romelo Lukaku

In cb it is obviously thiago Silva who made PSG a dominating in ligue 1 and challenging in champions league.

In lb it is Marcelo despite being in real Madrid and winning FIFA 11, he is not appreciated.

In rb it is Philip lahm obliviously, despite winning world cup,etc.. He is one of the most underrated player

In cm it is Ander Herrera

In gk it is degea

In st it is harry Kane

I would say it’s Nemanja Matic. He deserves much more credit than he recieves. Even in his bad day, he gives you a 7/10 performance. The forwards and wingers have more freedom to attack when he’s in the team. I would have him in my team anyday.

P.S : I’m a Real Madrid fan..