Is practising snooker better on a slow or a fast table?

It doesn’t matter the table is playing fast or slow.. it all depends upon the approach of the player…..A good snooker player can handle the speed of the table by adjusting the speed of the shot. Table speed varies every time. It depends on the condition of the cloth and the cushions…Most of the Professional Tournaments are played on 6811 Strachan Tournament Clothes….and on Brunswick or Riley Tables…M1. The approach of the player should be good. Practising Snooker with good strategy works best. Try to play slow and smooth. This will improve the game…According to Ronnie O’Sullivan he always have the same Cue Action for every shot. Only the pressure of the Grip changes everytime. i.e. if he has to play Deep Screw the Grip Pressure increases….and if he has to play Soft Screw the Grip Pressure decreases as he’s carrying a bird in his grip hand softly. The long bridge and the short bridge distance also varies the speed of the shot. Playing with long bridge distance has some disadvantages like unintentional side…on the other hand short bridge length shots cannot screw the ball as much as intended. There are so many other things to be discussed. But it needs to know about your playing style. Kindly reveal your problem first so it could be rectified. Hope this helps.

Faster is always better. If you can get used to playing on fast, you can always cut back and still do ok on a slow table. If you only know slow, the faster tables will give you a hard time. Controlling the ball will be a challenge.

There is no slow or fast table, there are various sizes available in market like French or English tables, better practice from smaller to bigger sizes

Much better on a fast tournament standard table. You will get better ball control