Who would you build a team around in their prime: Larry Bird or Lebron James?

If you answer Lebron without really thinking you are probably a young fan. Larry Bird was a legend.

The answer depends on how many years you want to build your team for.

In the case that it will be for 1 years then Larry Bird 1984–1985 season (his best) was better than Lebron James 2007–2008 season (arguably his best: I tried the same analysis with different years and come to the same conclusion). Let’s look at the numbers:

LB: 28.7 pts, 10.5 reb, 6.6 assist, 1.6 steals, 1.2 blks, 88.2 FT%, 42.7 3P%, 52.2 FG%

LJ: 30.0 pts, 7.9 reb, 7.2 assist, 1.8 steals, 1.1 blks , 71.2 FT%, 31.5 3P%, 48.5 FG%

LB and LJ have very similar stats in pts, reb, assist, blocks and steals but LB is much more efficient in the process especially from the 3 point line and from the free throw line.

If by prime you mean between the age of 23 and 31 then the statistics are in favour of LB as well (again the efficiency argument, FT% is killing lebron’s legacy):

LB: 25.0 pts, 10.2 reb, 6.6 assist, 1.8 steals, 0.8 blks, 87.9 FT%, 37.7 3P%, 50.3 FG%

LJ: 27.4 pts, 7.4 reb, 7.1 assist, 1.6 steals, 0.8 blks , 74.9 FT%, 34.5 3P%, 51.6 FG%

If you want to have your team for more than a decade (arguably no prime years anymore) I would say LJ would then be your man as he has been having a greater longevity.

To sum it up:

  • if for one year go for Bird,
  • if between 23 and 31 go for Bird
  • if you want to go for more than a decade go with Lebron.

Below for illustration only ..

LeBron some of that reason health but LeBron has proven that he can get championships in his prime 6 years straight and 7 overall which is half his career been finals, even with the stats similar in some years, LeBron one of the best passer ever and his athleticism and size combination are something never seen nba , LeBron a top 5 player and bird probably right out side in the 5–10 range all time

Larry Bird is a legend but LeBron currently controls everything. Statistically very similar but the impact is slightly greater with LeBron. Of the past 6 championships he has won 3 and the other 3 his team was the final obstacle. The East is weaker than the West but everybody knows that whatever team LeBron goes to in the East, the conference will run through, the automatic goal will be to beat LeBron’s team. If LeBron left in the offseason for Brooklyn they would be the team to beat in the East despite how pitiful they are now.

Larry Legend has my vote, and though LeBron may pass him with sheer talent, Bird’s chemistry, charisma, and leadership would put him above. Lebron is not a bad choice either, and any NBA coach or manager would love to build a franchise around him.

Larry Bird is one of the best all round players ever and his shooting was incredible. But I would choose LeBron James to build a team around in his prime because of his magnificent athleticism and ability to lead average teams into the NBA Finals by doing everything better than anyone else in the league.


Now Larry Bird was legendary, but I think Lebron is an all around better player. He has a better slashing ability, can make plays and is a great defensive player. Also Lebron is probably a better teammate than Larry Bird, who was known for being a hothead. Couple this with Larrys back problems and I think you’ve got a pretty good understanding of why I would pick Lebron.

Larry Bird. Simply because of the fact that Larry could bring a team out a losing position to a winning one. Seeing that his team mates would get the self belief to be better.

Lebron is an engine, so definetly him. Bird was more of a chill player who relied on IQ more than athleticism.