Now that Golden State and San Antonio are in a virtual tie for the #1 overall seed, who will win the 2017 NBA Finals?

The Cavs don’t look too great … their JV team got crushed by the Clippers. Their Big-3 played once again against Denver, and got pretty much man-handled by a team that really isn’t seeing great success or have great talent. Joker Jokic pretty much made a fool of LeBron that one play. They lost by 13, and LeBron James blamed his teammates for the loss, claiming their aggressiveness was poor. There’s the “King” of basketball for you.

As for the Spurs, they have a ring guaranteed if the season keeps going at this rate. Golden State is still without Durant, and they’ve gotten W’s, but their struggles still remain. I will add that Golden State’s blowout wins have been against teams that put no competition to them — Oklahoma City/Dallas.

The Warriors and Cavaliers are the exact same. Warriors are beatable, you just have to execute according to game-plan. As for Cleveland, it’s almost like anyone can march and get a W over them. It’s actually quite funny. For a loaded roster, their record is piss poor. They lose to teams you wouldn’t believe beat them. I firmly believe San Antonio will take another title. The only way it wouldn’t happen is if Durant and GS take it to the West, and Cleveland takes it to the East. But Washington/Toronto/Boston wants a piece of them.

Final Answer for 2017 Champion: San Antonio Spurs

The team that finishes with the 1st seed knows that having that advantages is virtually useless. When the playoffs roll around, the standings reset. Nothing that happened before matters. That being said, the factor that determines the result of the NBA Finals is the health of Kevin Durant. If he is back to his usual self come playoff time, then the Warriors will win the NBA Finals. However, if he is not ready to go, then the Warriors won’t be making it out of the Western Conference. The Spurs will play the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals and the Spurs will win.

It’s no longer a tie. Warriors are up by 3.5 games after beating the Spurs at their own court. And that’s after the tail end of back-to-back games with the Rockets being the first casualty. Did I forget to mention, they did this without Kevin Durant.

The Dubs defense on San Antonio was magnificent, after being down by 22 points on the first quarter. The Warriors won by 12, and showed why they’re the most dangerous team going towards the playoffs. Also, let’s not forget that K.D. is ready to come back soon, hopefully before regular season.

So everything looks good in Warrior land. I choose the Dubs to win it all by a landslide! Oh, and the Cavs lost their 10th out of the last 17 games. So I’m not sure what to think about that. Ummm… good luck figuring it out, Cleveland.

Cavaliers, if the Warriors get to the Finals. This new cavs lineup is looking pretty deadly, and I think has the talent to surpass the warriors. Deron Williams and Bogut have really pushed them over the edge. But, if the Spurs get past the Warriors in the west, they could beat the Cavs. They have a better bench, the best defensive player, the best coach, and simply know how to win. Kawhi is an MVP FAVORITE with how he has been playing these last few games. If he keeps on being a monster in the post season, spurs will have a great chance to win. However, the Rockets are still a dangerous team that could knock out the Warriors early. They probably can’t beat the spurs yet, but we saw in last night’s win over the cavs that they can not be taken lightly. The beard will need to be clutch for this to happen, but the key addition of Louis Williams as a 6th man increases their odds. The Wizards or Celtics could pull of an upset over the cavs in the east, but it is still unlikely.

There are really six options. Cavs vs. Warriors, Spurs vs. Cavs, Warriors vs. not Cavs, Spurs vs. not Cavs, not Warriors or Spurs vs. Cavs, and not Cavs vs. not Warriors or Spurs.

1 – Cavs vs. Warriors – Cavs win, Warriors aren’t strong enough to hold off LeBron.

2 – Cavs vs. Spurs – Spurs win, as they don’t rely on just a single player.

3 – Warriors vs. Not Cavs – Warriors win, Raptors/Celtics/Wizards really aren’t as good as the Warriors

4 – Spurs vs. Not Cavs – Spurs win because similarly, the raptors/Wizards/Celtics aren’t that good.

5 – Cavs vs. Not Warriors or Spurs – How would the Cavs lose to a team like the Rockets?

6 – Not Warriors or Spurs vs. Not Cavs – I have to give this one to the West. The west, disregarding the Cavs, is a stronger conference that the East.

Right now, I am picking Cleveland to win the whole thing. The one thing that has me concerned about the Cavs is their defense. Right now, their defense is average at best and they have fallen susceptible to losing the battle on the boards. The return of Kevin Love will improve the struggles on the boards but their defense will have to increase along with it. The return of Durant for Golden State will be the main X factor for who wins the title in June. If Durant comes back and is close to being what he was before he got injured, Golden State will be unstoppable and very hard to beat. If he comes back and is less effective, then that drastically hurts the Warriors’s odds of winning a title.

Oz Morse, the CAVS have not been playing well of late. Something seems off. They got beat down by Denver tonight. There defense rating is in the 20s i think. And Andrew Bogut played 58 seconds before he broke his leg and was waived a few days later. He has definitely NOT help “push them over the edge”.

You’re mistaking the regular season for something important.

If Durant recovers fully: GSW.

If he’s not, GSW gave up a TON of depth to get Durant, and Spurs are the more complete team.

Plus, I’m not ready to say that Houston can’t win this thing. Doubtful they will wear their guys out for a top seed, and they play pretty well on the road.

I don’t think that the Cavs or Celtics have the complete team needed to win against any of the top three in the West.

Before the season started I picked the Warriors… I’m going to stick to that even though the Spurs and Cavs are both capable of winning it all. The Jazz are my sleeper team.

Trick question. Milwaukee over Portland in the lowest-rated NBA Finals of all time.

If things stay as is with GS they won’t make it to the Finals. If KD comes back healthy they should be the favorite.