In order, what clubs need a rebuild, Arsenal, Liverpool, Barcelona, and Bayern?

Arsenal will definitely be first because they are in need of a turnaround. They have players like Monreal and Gibbs that need to replaced. Arsene Wenger might need to leave for a new philosophy of football to be tested. Liverpool are on their rebuild journey already as Jurgen Klopp has got them playing really well. Coutinho is the man now after the sale of Suarez two seasons ago. Barcelona and Bayern are both very similar, the players they have depended on for so long are starting to leave their prime years behind them. Robben and Ribery aren’t as incisive as they use to be while Xabi Alonso and Lahm are retiring at the end of the season. Coman and Douglas Costa don’t seem to look like they are going to fill in their shoes. So a few players need to be brought in and they will be fine. For Barcelona, Messi, who is still the best player in the world has kinda left some of his cutting edge in the past as he doesn’t dismantle defenders as he use to. And MSN(Messi, Suarez, Neymar) seems not to be linking up as usual but I believe this season might their last season together because Neymar needs to dominate in a team of his own. So in conclusion Arsenal is the need for a total reconstruction. Liverpool are currently laying the foundations and concrete. While Barcelona and Bayern just need some younger players to step up their game.

  1. Arsenal, their team chemistry and skills set is not evenly matched and needs adjustment
  2. Bayern: some of their key players are getting older, Robben , Ribbery, Lahm and Alonso retired and Lewandskwoski needs a back-up
  3. Barcelona: some key players are getting old, also Messi needs someone to step up behind him to make the game less depending on him
  4. Liverpool

Arsenal – Rebuild will start after they sack Wenger. The sooner they do it, the better.
Liverpool- With Klopp they have already started their rebuild.
Barca – Some changes have to be made in defence and midfield. Iniesta’s replacement is needed.
Bayern- They are fine. They have one of the best striker’s in the world. Great wingers. Midfield is strong. Their bench is also okay with good no of young players. They dont need a rebuild.

In my opinion…

  1. Arsenal of course… they need to get rid of wenger, giroud immedietly.
  2. Liverpool… they need to find a pure striker like suarez otherwise its quite good team
  3. Bayern… lahm and alonso are retiring, robben and ribery are getting old… i feel they should go and raid monaco.
  4. Barcelona… sell neymar to Man u for 200m.. bring in coutinho, veratti and bellerin… problem solved.

In my opinion

  1. ARSENAL (obviously)
  2. Barça
  3. Liverpool
  4. Bayern