Why do people hate the Boston Red Sox?

The Boston Red Sox are a nationally prominent team, with a following across the nation; the team’s official fan club is even known as “Red Sox Nation.”

They are one of the most successful teams in Major League Baseball over the last 15 years or so, having won the World Series three times during that span. In addition, because they are in a large market and have a large national following to boot, they carry one of the highest payrolls in the game. They have ranked in the top five MLB payrolls in every season since 2001, and sometimes have been as high as second. The Red Sox are very much one of the “haves” in the world of Major League Baseball.

The combination of all of these things makes the Red Sox very polarizing among baseball fans. Fans of the Red Sox naturally love them, but people who are not Red Sox fans dislike them, either because they’re fans of one of the Red Sox’ major rivals (the New York Yankees, Tampa Bay Rays or Baltimore Orioles), or simply because their team lacks the ability to just spend money to recover from a bad season (the Red Sox won the World Series in 2013, a year after finishing last with a 69–93 record, by signing a bunch of free agents who all proceeded to have great seasons).

People don’t usually hate teams. It usually comes from the fans and players. Throughout the majority of MLB history, the Red Sox have actually been the supported underdogs.

Many fans outside of Boston have the current perception of Red Sox fans being entitled and whining. Most people felt the same way about Yankee fans throughout the George Steinbrenner days. Compare the Red Sox to a team like the San Francisco Giants or St Louis Cardinals. Each team has a storied history and very recent success but (outside of direct rivals) neither are nearly as “hated” as much as the Yankees or Red Sox.

A lot of this has to do with the players. People like David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez and Curt Schilling are generally not viewed positively in the baseball community. Add this to a heavy payroll and the ability to have a chance to realistically sign whatever free agents they desire, most fans outside of New England find it difficult to at least view the Red Sox with some distaste.

I was unaware that they did. Maybe we’re still hated by Yankee fans but that’s oar for the course.

The Boston RED SOX are one of the more popular teams around the country with thee fans. David Ortiz was the most lovable players of all-time. Noone ever said a bad word about papi unless the narrow minded few who thought he was juicing.

If the Boston RED SOX are in no way near hated as much as the Patriots but the two teams are like night and day.

The Sox are a young exciting team with a lot of new up and coming stars. The RED SOX broke the curse back in 04 and have added two more since then to their résumé.

The Patriots started out back in 01 as the sentimental favorite vs the highly vaunted St Louis Rams, aka the greatest show on turf.

They were America’s team in the wake of the 911 attacks in NY. And they broke a 43 yr drought by winning one of the most exciting Superbowls of all-time.

But since then the Patriots have become a winning machine. Just think of what it would look like had Mario Manningham and David Tyree not made those miraculous catches in 07 & 11. Brady would be 6 for 6 and going for 7.

America doesn’t like a dynasty anymore. They like underdogs, paridy, a new champion every year. But the Patriots are the Antichrist to thematic theory. They have dominated the AFC East for the last two decades. They are going to their unprecedented 9th Superbowl and Lord willing will win it for Tom Brady.

If the RED SOX are hated around the league it’s gotta be that Boston has won 9 championships in the last 15 yrs. Not many cities get to live that kind of success. It’s been a great ride.

Gear up for Superbowl LI and go Pats !!!

I have loved the Red Sox since my first trip to Fenway Park in 1979, age 11. Yaz, Rice, Lynn, Pudge… what was not to love?

My best friend was a diehard Yankees fan, though, and everyday we battled: outside playing one-on-one games w/ a tennis ball and a whiffle ball bat, or inside playing Mattel Electronic Baseball whilst meticulously keeping the book.

Mickey Rivers drag bunts for a base hit off of Dennis Eckersley! Butch Hobson finally jacks a Ron Guidry slider over the monster!

I purported to hate the Yankees, as he did the Sox… but the truth is that we both loved baseball FAR more than we could ever hate our favorite team’s archrival.

Bottom line: baseball is a glorious game — and it’s often a fine metaphor for life — but it’s only a game. If someone is wasting their precious, finite energy hating a sports team of any type, they could probably stand to take up yoga and find a good therapist. (My therapist is a Cubs fan.)

Go Sox!

For the same reason they “hate” any team, because their lives have devolved into trivial insignificance. When it gets to the point of “hating” another team, you really need to reexamine your priorities. There are lots of good things to hate; poverty, injustice, bigotry, global warming, and bad parking are a few things that come to mind. But hating a team is petty, small minded, and spiteful and should be reserved for the deluded juvenile. I don’t have a problem with someone disliking a team, but going so far as to use the word ‘hate’ in describing feelings toward a rival team shows a lack of understanding about the meaning of the word, not to mention that state of the world.

Three reasons:

  1. You’re from NYC/CT (traitors)
  2. Some of the fans can be pretty obnoxious
  3. You root for a small market team that has never won anything, and you have to listen to the Red Sox fans talk about how down in a hole they were compared to the Yankees.

I’m a Sox fan, and I can say #3 is more complicated than that, but it is an understandable reason.

Either because they’re a Yankees fan, or because they don’t like seeing the general success the Red Sox have had recently. Sports brings out the haters like no other. Gotta cheer on your favorite laundry.

The only people who hate the Red Sox are the people who root for losers. Teams that are constantly bad have to disrespect teams that are usually winners, based on fact .

Take the NY Jets who are losers hate the NY Giants who are usually winners. The same is true relating to the Yankees who in the past were always in the winners circle.

In brief, the answer for me is I began loathing the team as I had more and more exposure to Red Sox fans. Having read about the historic Red Sox-Yankees rivalry, I was sympathetic to the Red Sox and their fans when I was younger. But as I became older I would have encounters with Red Sox fans at Oakland A’s or Anaheim Angels’ games. Red Sox fans were loud and obnoxious, which I was generally fine with and didn’t mind so much. But what really bugged me was when someone told me that my teams fans weren’t as good of fans as they were because they weren’t loud and obnoxious. Giants, Angels and A’s games are full of fans who know a lot about baseball and care very deeply about whether their team wins or loses. But just because we occasionally eat sushi in the ball park or call a friend to talk to them during the game doesn’t mean we are any less of fans.

So now, I’m publicly stereotyping one team’s fans on Quora and saying I hate the team because of their fans… which was my original problem with Red Sox fans. The irony (hypocrisy?) is not lost on me and I blame this on the Red Sox as well!