Can a college athlete make YouTube videos?

Absolutely yes. Especially if you would like to explore career opportunities outside US, yes you definitely need a great scouting video.

Having a quality recruiting video is extremely important for athletes who want to get noticed beyond their own netowrk. Coaches and scouts don’t have the time or money to travel and see THOUSANDS of players in person. That’s why a highlight video is one of the most important parts of your online resume. But for your highlight video to be effective, you need to know specifically what experts are looking for.

What does a really efficient Scouting Video should include:

  • 25-35 of various plays (not just offense or your best highlights). A mix of plays that display your full set of skills on the court
  • It should be between 3,5-5 minutes long in order to provide a solid understanding and stay as short as possible

Have a look here: Champions ID. Everything you need to Succeed.

Yes, Absolutely.

Making YouTube videos based on your practice session and your capabilities are some of the options you can base your YouTube videos on.

Just keep in the that there are many haters/hateful comments which can demotivate you. Just Ignore them.

Further to say that you will need to edit your videos perfectly to go on to become well known on YouTube!

Hope you Succeed!

Yes -> I would recommend it actually. If you become big later on you’ll have so much documentation of yourself that you’re fans or your family or your kids would be able to see, and know what you were like…

you can try like this video i rank every day mi video using ths strategy

Why not..? anyone can make youtube video.