Could letting Neymar go hurt FC Barcelona?

Well, it depends entirely upon Neymar.

Back when Pep Guardiola allowed Ronaldinho to leave the club, it seemed like the worst decision he could make in his entire career as a manager but indeed it turned out the other way.

You see Ronaldinho and Neymar are more like each other . They both have kind of same typical Brazilian mentality who loves to humiliate the opponent with ball at their feet, they got plenty of tricks up their sleeve and more importantly same lifestyle.

In my opinion Ronaldinho was the biggest waste of talent in football world. If he had that discipline that Messi and Cristiano had shown in the past 5-6 seasons, he may have been named alongside Pele in the history but his lifestyle cost him this much.

Sadly Neymar is following the same path. He has consistency issues on which he should work but instead he fly away to Brazil mid season after 6–1 win over PSG in CL, his images from parties are seen every now and then on social network. He also has ego issues. The Assistant Coach Unzue during last season was sacked just because he asked Neymar not to follow Ronaldinho’s path.

But as I said it solely depends upon Neymar, if he gets serious about his game, he is worth to be in future Barcelona team otherwise it is wise to sell him for over 200 million; because it doesn’t matter how many goals have you scored or how many Ballon d’or have you won when you drags the whole team down.

With his release clause getting activated and the amount which Barca will recieve, they could easily replace him with likes of Dembele, Dybala or any deserving La Masia Graduate.

But still 1 or 2 seasons must be given to Neymar to prove his worth.


Neymar is the next biggest thing in world football, letting him go will hurt fc Barcelona in ways we cannot even expect. If the deal is done it’ll be a major setback for both player and the club.