What is the best book on golf?

If you are a beginner: Golf Magazine’s Complete Book of Golf Instruction’ (Harry N. Abrams, Inc., 1997, $45.00)

This book is an encyclopedia on golf which includes swing, short game, sand play, trouble play, putting, strategy, mental game and practice.

If you are an advanced player: ‘The Secret of Golf’ (2005, Workman Publishing, $18.95)

This book is a collection of 47 methods of golf (all excerpts) with pictures. If you like one of them, you can buy its original. BTW this book contains a lot of out print books.

My favorite is ‘The LAWs of the Golf Swing’ (by Mike Adams et al., HarperCollins, 1998, $25.00)

This book teaches you the tailor-made swing depending on your body type. If your body type is like Jordan Spieth, you shouldn’t swing like Dustin Johnson. If your body type is like Patrick Reed, you shouldn’t swing like Jordan Spieth.

Another good book is ‘How to Perfect Your Golf Swing’ (by Jimmy Ballard, Golf Digest, 1981, $13.50)

This book teaches you seven TRUE fundamentals.


Warning: If you are not a hooker (who hits curve ball to the left), you shouldn’t read Ben Hogan’s ‘Five Lessons.’ Hogan wrote about how he conquered his dreadful hook. So, as a result, the slicers (majority of golfers) hit bigger slices ever when they practice Hogan’s suggestions. Don’t be a victim of this book.

I’ve done a lot of reading and there’s something good in every book. Some of my favorite books about golf are:

  1. The Modern Fundamentals of Golf: Ben Hogan, Herbert Warren Wind, Anthony Ravielli: 9780671612979: Amazon.com: Books
  2. Golf is Not a Game of Perfect eBook: Bob Rotella: Kindle Store
  3. FINALLY: The Golf Swing´s Simple Secret: A revolutionary method proved for the weekend golfer to significantly improve distance and accuracy from day one: J F Tamayo, J Jaeckel: 9781449596927: Amazon.com: Books

Hope it helps. Check them out and pick one.

Being an avid golfer, I have seen myself and my fellow players struggling for a good shot. And many times, I used to ponder if the bad shots and concerns regarding putting and chipping yips is a physical problem or mental one. During the course of time, I came across several books on golf, but there are two books that deserve special mention as they changed my perspective about the game of golf. These two books are:

1. Golf Psychology Book by Jonathan Adler

2. Golf Yips Book by Jonathan Adler

Authored by the same man, these books help you to uncover your true potential. Written in a style that is easy to understand, Jon Adler has poured all his experience of golf coaching in these books. He has very well explained how a troubled mind, anxiety and confidence issues hamper the performance of the star golfers also. After going through the books and implementing the strategies given in them, I was amazed to see the change in my game.

My two favorites are:

Mastery: Robert Greene: 8601422197709: Amazon.com: Books

Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect: Dr. Bob Rotella: 9780743508094: Amazon.com: Books

Mastery talks about the importance of practicing correctly and Golf Is Not a Game of Perfect is one of the all-time bests for sports psychology

It is not a book. It is a series of lessons you find in the web: Tuition Series: Leslie King

One of my favorites is The Greatest Game Ever Played by Mark Frost, telling the incredible story of young golfer that captured the heart of a nation and helped bring golf to what it is today in the USA. The Match and The Grand Slam are two others by Frost.

Golf Instruction books:

Five Lessons by Ben Hogan

Golf Is Not A Game Of Perfect by Bob Rotella

Bobby Jones On Golf by Bobby Jones

The Little Red Book by Harvey Penick

Secrets of the Short Game by Phil Mickelson and

The Zen of Golf (forgot the author but you can find it on Amazon)

1 The Match by Mark Frost

2. Dream Golf, about the creation of Brandon Dunes