Is time passing in the same way for every organism?

Depends. It depends on your question.

If scientifically, then yes. 1second for humans are 1 second for the ants too. They live short but that doesn’t mean that our 1 second will be their 1month.

But in a different note the time is different even between you and me. You may have a girlfriend to talk with. You needa manage your time that way. Needa make time for her too. But me? I only have my mom and my job. I give equal time to both of them. And i am lovint it. Every single second makes me feek alive. I don’t think that i am pressurised. Even with a load of work i feel good because of the good evening tea i can have with my mom.

Isn’t it surprising that people work 17hours a day, just to realise at the end that they got nothing. Now that’s a different point.

Coming back to the question. Those 17hours is like hell lot of time for us. But for those who are working, for them it’s in daytime that they work and whenever they sleep (i don’t know if they sleeps or not)they think it is night.

So, this way time is different for everyone, and same for everyone. Depends on the paradigm we’are watching upon.