If you had the athleticism of any athlete, which one would you choose?

That is easy — Bo Jackson.

It’s been pretty well established that Bo is probably the best athlete that has walked the face of the earth during the last 50 years or so.

  • He is the only person ever to make an all-star team in multiple pro sports — football and baseball
  • If he had specialized in football, he had the physical skills to become the best running back of all time
  • If he had specialized in baseball, he had a chance to be an all-time slugger. I haven’t seen his equal in terms of raw power at the plate.
  • His arm from the outfield was on par with any outfielder I’ve seen. His throw out of Harold Reynolds (a base stealer) from the warning track is among the best outfield throws of all time
  • His speed was unreal. If he had specialized in track and field, he would have made the Olympic 100 meter team (really). And he weighed 225 lbs. His hand timed 40 yd dash at the NFL combine was 4.12 — the fastest ever.
  • His ability to break bats over his knee, over his head, and just with his hands (without any additional leverage) like twigs hasn’t been seen before or since
  • His far ranging catch in center field in Kansas City and then running sideways on the outfield wall for 3 or 4 steps is jaw dropping by itself
  • He beat out a ground ball force out at second — I have never seen anyone else do this, ever

All of these seem too good to be true, but they really are true. This is one case where the myth surrounding how impressive someone was can’t really bring justice to how impressive he really was.

As a sports fan, one of my saddest days ever was the day he got hurt in that freak play with the Raiders.

Even that play, the way it happened, it could only have happened to a guy as big and as fast as Bo… which is pretty much no one else ever.

If you had the athleticism of any athlete, which one would you choose?

I would most likely decide on Kurt Angel the 1995 Olympian (Freestyle wrestling).

Eddie Merckx on his best day because cyclists are the best athletes, and Eddie was the best cyclist. Also, I’m a cyclist, so it would be great to have a great cyclist’s athleticism.

Hercules!! Who wouldn’t want to be the son of Zeus, have superhuman strength and, as a plus, be remembered basically forever!!

Lennox Lewis at 6′ 5″ and 250 pounds of muscles.