Who is the best athlete that ever lived?



The man who ran the fastest 100 meter in 9.58 seconds at BERLIN, GERMANY ON 16 AUG,2009.

THE FASTEST ever run on this planet !!!

USAIN BOLT competes with himself, make records and breaks them easily. He just crushes his competitors and wins by a daylight running effortlessly and enjoying it too !!! Just look at him smiling mischievously to the photographer leaving a blurry image and struggling athletes behind him.



To see Usain Bolt run, though, is to see a man defy what we’ve long believed possible and turn it into something we can’t believe is happening.

Bolt is the greatest showman in the sports, the sprinting extraordinaire, the man who revolutionized track , the most naturally gifted athlete this world has ever seen.

At the London Olympics, the greatest 10 seconds in sports started with a blur and ended with a flourish, and everything in between was the amalgamation of energy and vibe and bio-mechanics and hard work and talent and all that makes Usain Bolt as amazing as he ever was, as amazing as we’ve ever seen.

To see him run is simply mesmerizing. There is a magnetism around him.He is a performer. From the time he walked out of the tunnel underneath the Olympic stadium a certain feeling pulsed through the crowd, a cocktail of awe and appreciation and delight at the pure spectacle.The stadiums are jam-packed and crowd devolves into full-on, throaty madness, cacophonous from gun to finish line giving thunderous applause to celebrate this precocious talent.

Before his biggest race, he smile at the crowd, jogs a little, points to each side of the stadium calling for men and women and children to call back at him.You can see him winking at the camera before the start of greatest of events, bouncing along, all nonchalance and prance, and he was winking, because he’s Usain Bolt, and of course he would wink.

Although he is infamous for his poor start but 4 seconds into the race is when Usain Bolt becomes Usain Bolt. A typical sprinter takes somewhere between 44 and 48 strides over 100 meters.While Bolt takes 40 or 41. He is so confident that 20 m before the end he slow downs and enjoys the moment. At 6-foot-5, he is the tallest elite sprinter the world ever has seen.

Usain Bolt races aren’t races. They are events, shows, entertainment distilled to its essence, food for the 50,000 here and billion or so worldwide. It’s impossible to overstate how much people love Bolt.He is the world’s most beloved athlete.

The first person to hold WORLD RECORDS in

100 m

200 m

4 x 100 m relay

& THE WORLD CHAMPION in all three events

8 times OLYMPIC GOLD medalist


Only sprinter to win 100 m , 200 m titles at three consecutive OLYMPICS (2008 , 2012 , 2016)

He created history by achieving this “TRIPLE TRIPLE”.

He is THE GREATEST SPRINTER of all times.



“On your marks…”

The gun go off.

He wipes the sleep from his eyes, has a bit of a stretch and those big legs start eating up the metres just like they did in Beijing, like they did in London.

The roadrunner catches the coyote 15 metres from the finish line.


The race be over.

Amazing, incredible, astonishing … no, there’s only two words that can capture what we just saw.

Usain Bolt.

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[1] Best of Usain Bolt | Motivational Video | HD

[2] Usain Bolt breaks the 100m world record in Beijing | The Olympic on the Record

Major Dhyan Chand – Field Hockey

Nicknamed as the Wizard of Hockey, he is widely considered as the greatest player to have ever played field hockey. He led India to three Olympic golds in 1928, 1932 and 1936 in which India defeated Germany in Germany with Hitler being present. After the match Hitler offered him a German citizenship and a position of a general if he opts to play for Germany but he denied as he wanted to represent his own country.

He was instrumental in establishing an Indian dominance in field hockey. Such was the dominance of India that Britain did not participate in field hockey tournament of Olympics as they feared they might lose to a nation which is their colony.

He used to score so many goals that Sir Don Bradman once told him “You score goals like I score runs in cricket”.

He is estimated to have scored over a Thousand goals throughout his career.

Some Facts about him:

  • After India played its first match in the 1936 Olympics, Dhyan Chand’s magical stick work drew crowds from other venues to the hockey field. A German newspaper carried a banner headline: ‘The Olympic complex now has a magic show too.’ The next day, there were posters all over Berlin: Visit the hockey stadium to watch the Indian magician Dhyan Chand in action.
  • In the Netherlands, the authorities broke his hockey stick to check if there was a magnet inside.
  • Once, while playing a hockey game, Major Dhyan Chand was not able to score a goal against the opposition team. After several misses, he argued with the match referee regarding the measurement of the goal post, and amazingly, it was found to not be in conformation with the official width of a goal post under international rules.

My top 3:

  1. Mohammad Ali(Boxing)
  2. Michael Phelps(Swimming)
  3. Pele(Football)

Mohammad Ali:

As boxing is one of the popular and most talked sport, Mohammad Ali is one of the greatest athlete due to his excellent record in boxing. He is widely regarded as one of the significant and celebrated figures of the 20th century.Ali is regarded as one of the greatest boxers of all time by boxing commentators and historians. He won many many Gold medals and many prestigious awards at a very young age. Winning gold medal in the Olympics at the age of 18 is something special.

Career as professional:
Wins: 56
Loss: 5

Knockouts: 37

Michael Phelps:

Olympic, being the center stage of the sports where players represent their country and compete with other countries, the one who performs well in it will always be regarded as one of the great of all time. In such a list of the greats, Michael Phelps is one of them.

Michael is one of the most decorated Olympian of all time. He has a total of 28 Olympic medals which is the highest in the Olympic history by any individual. He also holds the record of most Olympic gold medal by any Individual(23).

With 39 world records (29 individual, 10 relay), Phelps set more records than any other swimmer as recognized by FINA, surpassing Mark Spitz’s previous record of 33 world records (26 individual, 7 relay). As of December 5, 2016, he holds seven world records not including his records for most Olympic medals and most Olympic gold medals ever won by one person.


Football is one of the most watched sport in the world. Since it is watched by many, the superstars in the football also come in the list of greatest athlete. One of the greatest name in the history of football is Pele.

Pele was good for both club and country. He was a key player in all the three World Cups that Brazil won. Pelé’s goalscoring record is often reported by FIFA among others as being 1281 goals in 1363 games. Maybe this record can never be broken by any player.

Since you said “athlete” and not “greatest in their sport”, I think you are missing a few others. I think one could make a strong case for Jim Brown—he was not only the best player of his generation in American football, but he was a four-sport athlete while in US university—second-leading scorer on the basketball team, All-American in both football and lacrosse, and a letterman in track and field.

Putting this in perspective (for a global audience): In the US, Division 1 university sports is on-par with lower-level professional sports teams in Europe or Asia. So Jim Brown as a young man was able to perform at essentially a professional level in four sports which all have substantially different requirements. The only thing they have in common is speed. And he was the best in his entire sport (American football) for the one sport which he ultimately chose to put his focus.

American football (for which he was a powerful running back, which is a critical and brutal position) is power, strength, and intensity. Basketball and lacrosse both have some of this, but they have vastly different “skills” requirements than football in terms of shooting a basketball, defending in both sports, and manipulating a lacrosse stick (and are much more “endurance” than football). Track and Field is the only one of these four sports which clearly utilizes talents in the others. And he excelled in each of these sports with very limited practice opportunity, since he would go from one sport to another season-to-season.

There have been some other impressive athletes in the US who have laid claim to such greatness (Bo Jackson, Herschel Walker, and Deion Sanders come to mind), but Jim Brown seems unique in the breadth of his skills and depth of his abilities across so many sports.

Jim Brown – Wikipedia

You forgot Mo Farrah! Sir Mo was a refugee from Somalia who came to the UK as a child. He’s a different type of athlete from Bolt with a completely different body type. He’s a long distance runner not a sprinter so has had a longer career. He recently got caught up in the green-card aspect of the initial Muslim ban as he resides in Oregon with his family and travels a lot for training.

The Official Website of Mo Farah

Ussain Bolt has been an inspiration for the youth of Jamaica. Sadly he lost his medal for the relay due to other team members doping results. I hope he starts an academy or training for Jamaican youth to bring along more athletes. But being a sprinter, his career was not going to be a long one.

All of the others on your list are very worthy of being among the greatest. Nice people as well. Character counts!

Well, no one named Jehangir Khan here, he was simply out of this world, he had a winning steak of 555 from 1981 to 1986 in squash in professional level. Highest winning steak recorded ever in Guinness book of world records. Trust me, Squash is one hell of a tough game in terms of exertion, For me, best of the best can maintain this record.

Notable achievements

  • Won World Amateur Championships at age 15
  • Youngest ever World Open Champion (aged 17)
  • Unbeaten in 555 consecutive matches over 5 years and 8 months
  • Won the British Open Championship 10 times in succession (1982-1993)
  • Six-times World Open Champion
  • First player to win World Open Championships without dropping a game
  • Played the second longest match in the squash history 2.46 h

LeBron James


Bolt? Is that a joke? Dude runs fast. Not an athlete.

Phelps? Out of 100 athletic activities, LeBron would destroy him at 99 of them.

Out of ~100 billion humans so far LeBron is the GOAT athlete that we know about, and it’s not even close.

6′8″, 240, built like a freight train, fourteen full NBA seasons and he is still the best player in the league after all that wear and tear. 82 games a season + playoffs.

Bolt? LMAO. LeBron is 33 and still jumping out of the building, dropping triple doubles like it ain’t no thing, defending the opponent’s best player all game long.

Bolt retired at 30, from a non-contact sport. Come on man.

6:45: James emasculating a prime Tim Duncan, flying in from the foul line — would love to see Phelps get out of the water and do that.

Basketball does it all:

  • spatial processing to a ridiculous level of fine tuning
  • endurance
  • strength
  • jumping
  • speed
  • hand-eye coordination to a ridiculous level of fine tuning
  • lateral quickness
  • defense-offense turnover every 25 seconds, which means you need psychological fortitude you don’t see in any other sport to switch it back and forth constantly

I don’t think people understand how freaky NBA players are. If they wanted to, they’d make the world’s #1 triathlete look like a little kid with just a minuscule amount of training. They’d absolutely destroy every track and field record. Every single one.

But money talks so they stay dedicated to Hoop Dreams, plus basketball is a million more times as fun to play than, say, hurdling — so yeah, it’s pretty easy to see why they choose basketball and leave track and field to the lesser athletes.

Does anyone even know the 2nd best sprinter in the world? But millions know the 14th man on the worst team in the League. There is no incentive for the best athletes to not choose basketball. The argument top notch track and field pros are athletically anywhere near even the worst NBA player is delusional (Jim Thorpe? Bo Jackson? They’d never survive in the NBA for even a season).

The greatest athletes (not specialists) in the world are in the NBA, and no where else. You can take that to the bank (and no, I am not a Cavs fan, but the answer is so obvious, it’s not even a fun debate).

I don’t understand your list. You have no entry for baseball. Or hockey. And Peli played soccer, not football.

The best athlete in all spectator sports is Babe Ruth. Second is Michael Jordan.

Ruth dominated the baseball world in the 1920s as no athlete has for a decade before or sense. His career began over a hundred years ago, yet he is better known than any of your entries for the other sports. He changed the entire fabric of baseball to make prominent use of the HR.

Jordan dominated the professional basketball world as no one had ever done before or since. He was the greatest cluth shooter of all time. He is better known than every entry on your list.

Lionel Andres (Leo) Messi.

Reason: Pure football genius (really talented), mesmerizing dribbles, makes all other players look amateurish, excellent team play, unlimited accolades (Ballon d’ors and…more Ballon d’ors), cool personality, impeccable fair-play (never shows anger or disrespect towards other players). Glorified. Deified.

Ok, enough kidding. It is really hard to know which athlete is the greatest in the world since each discipline has got its own superstar(s). A football fan will say Messi, a female tennis fan will say Serena Williams, a martial artist will say Chuck Norris. At the end of the day, all of them are great in their respective disciplines and only deserve credit for that.

I am afraid we won’t see a “world’s best athlete” until there is a “world’s all-encompassing sport”.

In this era of specialized sport. I would argue Jim Thorpe or any world class decathlete.

As a decathlete he had to be able handle multiple disciplines, from running to javelin to jumping.

I doubt that Jordan or Bolt or Ali could compete.

Day 1

100 metres

Long jump

Shot put

High jump

400 metres

Day 2

110 metres hurdles

Discus throw

Pole vault

Javelin throw

1500 metres

From America, I think it is:

Jim Thorpe – Jim Thorpe – Wikipedia

Bo Jackson – Bo Jackson – Wikipedia

I never saw the former except through Youtube videos. On the other had, I saw Bo Jackson dozens of times. You can quote individual facts and figures (see the Wiki entry). However, I saw a guy dominated some of the greatest athletes in the world (NFL and MLB) in speed, strength and agility.

My sports are football/soccer and cricket. It would be comical to see Bo go up against any of the leading players of today. As for football, yes, they would have great ball handling skills, but he would have strength, jumping ability, speed and physical coordination to beat them. For example, I have seen mountains of information on Don Bradman. While an exception athlete, it is impossible for him to match Jackson if you gave Jackson, say, a couple of years to form his skill around the sport. Just look at the video.

Anyway, I do not think any of the choices listed are bad, although I do not think that Michael Phelps is in the top 10. That is just my opinion.

The people you listed are definitely in the argument for the best at their sport, but I wouldn’t consider any of them the best athlete ever. The best athletes excel at multiple sports, or at least multiple aspects of sport. My list would look something like this:

  • Jim Thorpe
  • Bo Jackson
  • Jim Brown
  • Bruce Jenner
  • Daley Thompson
  • Rafer Johnson

Ole Einar Bjørndalen was born in 1974 in Norway.

He competes in biathlon and a few times in cross country skiiing.

He has 8 Olympic Golds, 13 Olympic medals, 20 World Champion Golds, 44 World Champion medals.

94 World Cup wins, including one in cross country skiiing.

6 Biathlon total World Cup victories.

Today, at the age of 43 he ended 8th in the World Championships biathlon sprint.

Very few can compete with that…

There are many legends in this event, my favourite like Mr Carl Lewis,Ben johnson,Gatlin,Tyson, Powell and many other good athletes.

One names which every kid knows these days as name itself says Bolt, yes Mr Usain Bolt is the fastest man on this planet with a time of 9:58 sec which was set in final of world championship 2009,beating his previous time by 0.11 s, He also hold current 200 mtr record with a superb time of 19:19 s.

Long live this amazing guy


The GREATEST athlete who ever lived you ask.

That’s an interesting TALL order.

Let’s see if tall is a good starting point to building the list of finalists.

WILT Chamberlain is definitely a one to list. Besides basketball he could do very well in other sports, volleyball and track and field (do I recall correctly that he ran a :49 quarter mile?), he even, maybe jokingly was going to try boxing.

Another category might be: excelled in a major sport and honored in another sport also, like JIM Brown was also ALL-AMERICAN in lacrosse. DAVE Winfield was drafted by all 3 major sports. JIM THORPE was across the board capable.

… will add more

During the 1980s there was some rivalry between Daley Thompson (British decathlete) and Carl Lewis (American, sprinter I think). At the time there were some rumours that Carl was homosexual.

At one point, Daley was seen wearing a t-shirt with the slogan “Is the world’s second-greatest athlete gay?”

Carl Lewis immediately objected and denied that he was gay.

So I do not know who the greatest athlete is but the second greatest, by his own admission, is Carl Lewis.

Depends on the sport.you can’t compare two sportsmans from different sports.
Like usain blot is the fastest person in this world,where Messi,Ronaldo are the best footballer. So you can’t compare these people as they are from different league.Basically all are good in their own area. respect.

Olympic is the most prestigious tournament in sports and Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympian of all time,with a total of 28 medals. Phelps also holds the all-time records for Olympic gold medals i.e. 23

So, obviously he is the best from the list.
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Nobody can possibly answer this question! You have to match the best with the best and we can’t do that. One could say Michael Jordan in basketball but how would he fare against LeBron James AND the defenses of today? Competition in ALL sports has changed drastically over the years, as have the rules in sports. You may be able to say the best in a specific timeframe but not “of all time.”

I prefer Bradman, the excellence he has shown in the game of cricket, no one can achieve the same.

Not mean to disrespect other athletes but they became great by beating other records, for bradman he cannot be surmounted.