What are the useful information before trekking to Everest Base Camp?

Everest Base Camp trek is one of the major bucket lists while trekking in Nepal. If you are in Nepal just for the only one trek then choose the best destination. Among other trekking trail Everest region is most famous and well known Himalaya region of Nepal because, this region is the foot of the world highest mountain. Everest Base Camp (5,363 M) will be amazing experience during the trek in Nepal. I will tell you few tips and experience which is help your trekking journey to EBC.

Packing stuff – Before you came here you have to pack some stuffs that you will need during the trip in Nepal. Our kind advice to you do not bring unnecessary things because, in domestic flight they will allow the limited weight and as well difficult for porter to carry unnecessary things in adventurous trail.

Buy trekking Gear in Thamel – Thamel is the famous market for trekking stuff and handicraft, here you can get more shops it means you can compare price of same quality. In Nepal you can get trekking stuff in cheap price, here you can get down jacket in 60 USD that would have cost around 300 USD in US. In Thamel at a glance most of the gear looks similar but quality varies a bit and not essentially related to the cost. If you like someone YarsaTreks will accompany during your shopping.

Get ready for Cold and Rain – You will be surprised of warm during the sunny day; most of the trekkers wear T-shirt of starting few days when the altitude is still low. When sunsets the temperature decreases quickly so you need to wear down jacket and carry hot water to make your body warm. During the sunny day at high elevation you must need sunglass and hat because these things save your skin and eye burn by sun.

You will get good night sleep at Tea house – I must say you will be surprised after experience the comfortable of tea house at Himalaya region. During the trekking there is no option of tea house and the wall of tea house is quite thin and can easily pass the sound so if you are light sleeper it is better to bring foam ear plug for the better sleep.

Stay safe from dehydrate – During this trip you need to drink plenty of water and always carry bottle with full of water. You can get bottle water most of the tea house and small shop during the trekking. It will be better to bring chlorine and iodine tablets and full your bottle with the local steam coz sometime we couldn’t get shop during the trail.

Take care of altitude sickness – Altitude sickness is major problem while trekking to Himalayas. Keep in mind headache could be the sign of the altitude sickness, if this problem occurred during the trip you need to stop ascending to high elevation and take rest. You don’t need to worry with small headache.

Take guide and porter – It is better to go for trekking with guide and porter because you are totally unknown with the trekking trail and you could be lost in higher region. It is difficult to know the name and location of Himalaya region. You need to carry only necessary things because porters are allowed to carry 25 kg during the trip.

Carry the cash – It is easy to find ATM in Kathmandu but in Everest region you can get ATM service in Namchebazar but sometimes it couldn’t work. It is better to take cash from Kathmandu because during the trek you may need money to buy local products and necessary things.

Reserve extra days for the trekking – During Everest Base Camp trek, it is better to plan extra days for this kinds of trip because sometimes weather could be the major problem and could delay the flight to/from Lukla. So, it will be good that you preferred extra days for the trip.

Catch established and registered Trekking Company – I am not here to advertise our company but you need to know it will be much better to come from register or authorize trekking company because for the Everest Base Camp trek you will need national park, trekking permit, plane ticket, porter, guide and authorize company will provide porter and guide from local region it means they know the whole region better and they are closely intimate with local community. If any problem occurred during the trek the local people can help you to escape from the problem. So, I recommend you to come through the trekking agency because they will arrange whole trip and you can sit back and enjoy the beautiful moments of Everest Base Camp trek.