What attributes give the biggest advantage to an MMA fighter?

What separates the top mma fighters from the others is their so called ‘uniqueness’.

I mean, let’s have a look at Demetrious Johnson aka Mighty Mouse.

^Would you look at this guy and ever feel threatened?

Mighty Mouse holds the record for the most amount of title defences by a champion.

What makes him so unique is that besides fighting, he plays games on twitch entertaining his audience.

Nothing more carefree than this.

Let’s have a look at one of UFC’s new star –

Here’s Brian Ortega,

He’s undefeated, a black belt in BJJ and KO’d Frankie Edgar, a man who’s never been put to sleep.

Ortega just announced the ‘The Brian Ortega Foundation’ a non-profit organization designed to teach BJJ to kids who can’t afford training.

Again, something unique and more than just winning.

Moving forward,

Here’s Khabib Nurmagomedov,

Khabib is undefeated having an insane record of 25–0, something unheard of in MMA.

In the era of ‘money’ fights, Khabib was asked how much it would take him to fight Conor McGregor?

His response…

”Zero, I don’t fight for money, I fight for my legacy, I fight for my people, I fight to create history”

Again, something unique that drives him.

Now for the drastically different case,

If not for his off the octagon antics, Jon Jones would probably go down as the greatest MMA fighter in history.

But again, is Jon fighting to create a legacy? Does Jon have a non-profit? Is Jon making video games?

No, Jon simply just loves fighting.

Do you think a guy that’s been convicted for taking steroids twice, been convicted for a hit and run case, done steroids ever care about what people think about him?

No, simply no.

Jon just loves going out there and hurting.


To top it all off,

Here’s the Bellator Welterweight Champion of the world, Rory McDonald.

He’s had some of the most brutal fights of all time.

In an interview, Rory was asked, “What is your dream finish in a championship fight?”

His response..

“Just brutality. I always kinda daydream about it”

Wait what?

I honestly believe if it wasn’t for MMA, Rory McDonald would just be a straight up serial killer.

To put into perspective,

Every fighter is different and every fighter has a deep lying reason to what makes them unique.

Things such as, Jon and Rory’s killer attitude, Khabib and Ortega’s value driven act or Mighty Mouse’s ‘carefree’ attitude.

This in my opinion is the biggest attribute and advantage that an MMA fighter can have.


“What attributes give the biggest advantage to an MMA fighter?”


Before a fighter gets in the ring to fight, they will have gone through months of training, gruelling sessions lasting several hours, usually twice a day, pretty much every day a week (they might get one rest day if they’re lucky).

They will have dragged themselves out of a nice cosy warm bed when everyone else was happily sleeping, to go and be in pain. At the end of the day, when everyone else is winding down for beer o’clock, they’ll do it again.

If they’re lucky and good enough to be professional, then they can maybe rest between their morning and afternoon workouts. Everyone else has the day job, and the boss probably doesn’t give a rat’s rectum about your fighting, so they aren’t going to cut you slack if you’re in late, if you want to leave early, or if you’re tired. The professionals probably have promo sessions, interviews, sponsorship meetings, and all the other static that come along with making a living through being in the media.

While everyone else is wondering if they should have some ice cream after that pizza, the MMA guy is choking down a nice steamed chicken breast, perhaps with some broccoli on the side, maybe a roast potato. No sauce, no flavourings. That’s more-or less his diet for the next few months – steamed unflavoured meat, veggies and perhaps a small spoonful of peanut butter once or twice a week, as a treat if he needs more fats. Yum. Alcohol? Funny joke.

In order to optimise his recovery, he’ll probably be taking ice baths after a workout, to get the lactic acid out of his muscles. Mmmm, feels good to jump in a barrel of ice-cold water straight after a workout. Yep.

If he’s injured, he’ll have to work through that. The fight’s coming up and he can’t lose ground. If it’s too serious or too close to the fight for him to recover, and he needs to call off the fight, then he’ll have to deal with the fallout, psychologically and professionally.

Family and friends? Yeah, they’re secondary considerations. They’ll need to fit in around the training schedule and the meal schedule. Hope he has an understanding and supportive partner…..

It’s a few days out from fight time. Weight cut time. The diet gets more extreme, and now there’s the water factor as well, so his fluid and salt intake are strictly controlled. He’ll be exercising in a rubber suit, to sweat out that excess fluid. Depending on the extremity of the cut – how much they need to lose to make weight, this can play absolute merry hell with how a person feels and their health.

After weigh-in, they need to re-hydrate as quickly as possible, to get back as close to ‘optimum’ as they can before the fight itself 24 hours later. It’s not unusual for fighters to be so dehydrated they need to use an IV drip post weigh-in.

Fight night. Can he control the adrenaline? Will it all be too much for him and will he choke (stage fright)? Climb in the ring with a guy who is more or less your equal – equal size, equal skills. Who has been traiing as hard as he has, maybe harder. Is that possible? Could you have done more? That pre-match game plan looks a bit shaky now that you’re seeing him up close. Too late now.

This guy wants to hurt him, to put him down, as quickly as he can. Maybe he will. He’s good, too. And if he does lose, can he deal with the post-fight depression that comes with that, all the ‘what if’ questions that’ll be going through his head. All that build-up, all that training, all that sacrifice, just to be put to sleep in the first round by a lucky shot that slipped past his guard. Was it really worth it? Can he do it again? And again. And again….

Does he have that willpower?

It’s a deadly combination of so many different combat techniques like judo,juijitsu,kick boxing to name a few. So a MMA fighter will always want to improvise and adopt a particular combat method whenever the situation demands to emerge victorious.

It wouldnt be bad to say its a life skill for everyone to learn a little whenever possible. After all martial arts gives oneself a strong mind along with a strong body.