Golden State Warriors or Cleveland Cavaliers: Whom are you rooting for and why?

The Warriors.

I think it is important to understand why the Warriors are able to put such an All Star team on the court because of a new contract between the NBA and ESPN worth $24 billion, according to a recent Sports Illustrated article. Now, with so much money in the NBA after this deal, the players association, headed by Chris Paul and his VP, Lebron James, decided to not ease the players into this money. The players association decided to make the players available to all of this money rather than an incremental increase in salaries at the proposed 8%. This means that teams have more money for players. As a result, a team like the Warriors, who had plenty of money before the new ESPN deal, have even more purchasing power; however this is true for the rest of the league as well. The Cavaliers picked up players to surround Lebron with capable outside shooters.

The important fact to remember though is that the NBA is designed to disrupt ‘super-teams’. The Celtics with their big three couldn’t survive long; the Miami heat with Wade, Bosh and James couldn’t survive the massive luxury taxes. The Warriors are faced with this same dilemma oldie the coming year as Steph and KD must resign or face free-agency. Steph currently makes very little when compared to what he has accomplished, and KD, if he hopes to stay with the Warriors, which he has voiced his intention to do so, he will have to accept a much lower salary. Despite the $24 billion deal, team are still daunted by the rising luxury taxes, and the Warriors are not an exemption.

This all means basically that the Warriors are able to have so many all stars because of the higher slarary cap, but they are still victim to the rules of the NBA.

In terms of why I support the Warriors, I see their play style to be conducive to winning games. The Cavaliers win with grit, toughness, and Lebron James; however the Warriors win with contributions from everyone, the starters, the bench, and the coaching staff.

I also would like to take the time to appreciate the coaching staff and executive office of the Warriors, an aspect I think the Cavaliers are not as strong in. Jerry West saw potential in players nobody saw potential in, and he and his team worked a system that changed the game of basketball. Flashy offense fueled by lockdown defense and high soaring three pointers drives Oracle arena crazy. Lebron James himself didn’t even change the game, while he is the greatest player in the NBA now and has been for a while, he has never made such an impact on he game as has the Warriors and Steph Curry.

The Golden State Warriors

LeBron James has played the Celtics the most out of anyone and has a 34–28 record against them which is 55% since he lost quite a lot to them earlier on in his career, but when he moved to Miami, he started winning more games against Boston.

Therefore, as a C’s fan, I am rooting against The King and for the superteam Warriors. They are a more interesting team to watch with everyone getting many assists and not mainly LeBron like in the Cavs. I would also like to see Durant get a Championship and win Finals MVP which would make it 6 years in a row of either LeBron or the player matching up against him to win that award!!!

I’m rooting for the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The reason being the Warriors is too OP for the league. The CBA was supposed to prevent teams constructing this monstrosity of a squad. This leads to other teams wanting to build their own superteam, and that doesn’t suit small market teams like New Orleans (well, they do have Anthony Davis and DeMarcus Cousins now but that’s besides the point here) or Memphis.


Because I was born in 1973.

What’ the connection you ask?


I grew up in the 80s, so it was either celtics or lakers. I fell for Larry Legend and the Celtics style of tenacity combined with smarts, and have been a celts fan ever since.

But then came one Michael Jordan. And I truly hated him for being unbeatable.

So, I am rooting for whoever can de-GOAT him, and that’s LeBron.

Plus, what Durant did is really worth having the Warriors lose. Karma.

Warriors, duh. Because they should have won it last year and blew it. Because LeBron is a crybaby who gets the benefit of more calls than anyone else in the league and still complains. Because Curry is finally healthy for the playoffs, and Steve Kerr isn’t. Because they play a brand of basketball that is joyous and beautiful to watch. Because Draymond deserves his revenge.

I’m rooting for the Cavaliers.

I want LeBron James to become the GOAT so that I can eventually tell my children, I witnessed LeBron defeat the Warriors against all odds. I like to see Kevin Durant as the villain, who joined the team he lost to so he can beat his arch nemesis. He took the easy way out, and I want him to pay for destroying parity in the NBA.

In 2015, I rooted for the Golden State Warriors because I didn’t want LeBron James to win another championship. In 2016, I rooted for the Cleveland Cavaliers because, as a Chicago Bulls fan, I didn’t want the 2015–16 Warriors to go down as the ‘greatest team of all time’ after the 73–9 record they set in the regular season and because there were so many people on the Warriors bandwagon.

This year, my money’s going to the Warriors on winning it, but I’m not necessarily rooting for either team. I’m taking the Warriors in five, but I hope for an entertaining seven-game series.

The Warriors for personal reasons…. I picked them before the season began.

I’m rooting for the Cavs, because what KD did ruined the essence of the competition. As a longtime NBA fan, I feel I’m being cheated everytime I see 2 former MVP’s, in their prime, playing together. I hope the Warriors lose so that (maybe, somehow) I can watch normal, competitive basketball again.

I want the Cavaliers to beat the Warriors. I want to see Lebron James win his 4th ring so his haters will stop, and so Kevin Durant won’t win a ring yet. Give GSW time and have Lebron run the league till he retires

Warriors. Not a fan of either teams. However, I dislike James even more. Yes, he’s one of the greatest ever to ever play the game. Yes, he whines a lot. Yes, the ref went easy on him on some calls. Yes, I hate when he used to flop many times couple years back.

Yes, I’ll go with Warriors for this one.

Warriors because I am bay area proud! Also Steph Curry is so nice and wholesome and LeBron is a spoiled brat!