I’m an app developer for a baseball app. How can we improve our app for baseball fans?

You are asking the wrong question in the completely wrong arena. You are headed full steam ahead toward a UX disaster.

You need to be conducting user testing on people actually using the app. If you haven’t been observing useage patterns in a controlled observation environment then that is your first problem.

After the observation tests then you set it loose with a group of test users and conduct follow up interviews with specific pointed questions. Do not ask “how can we make this app better?” Ask how easily they were able to find what they needed. Was the interface responsive enough when they clicked on stuff? What features did they enjoy the most? What features did they find the most value in? Are there features they expected to find but did not? Are there features they would like to see added? And so on and so on. Literally books have been written on the subject of UX and user testing to get the best app you can.

I don’t mean to sound too harsh, but not a single one of those numerous books include the step “Ask in an Internet forum how the app can be better.” There is a reason why no one included that recommendation. 🙂


The best way to find out how to improve your baseball app is to listen to your users’ needs. One way of doing this is to conduct ‘Usability Testing Research.’ This can consist of anything from user interviews and surveys to competitor research to see what they are doing better.

Once you have collected this information, you should be able to fully understand what features can be updated/improved and how.

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My answer is simple…get to know baseball.  Look, the deal is this…I work with and talk to a lot of tech companies…the knowledge of the audience is often limited. All apps require the company to collect people.  If you an move folks…your app will make money.

If you want a quick answer…figure out how to reliably create your desired affects.  If you can’t emote, then you don’t control your success.

Questions to consider—

What’s the culture of a baseball fan? Is your app going to be available on IOS and Android?  What do other apps do?  What are they missing?  How do we create excitement about our app when there are 100’s of ways to follow a team already.

If I was to provide advice…I’d create a bad ass podcast. A podcast in this sense will allow you to 1. promote your app 2. interact with your audience 3. gather influence 4. exchange influence with your influencer guests 5. become known to the baseball world…and being known is trump over nearly everything else. I could go on…but create a bad ass podcast should be a prime priority.

I’m glad to help.  I consult, produce and host podcasts all the time.  I’m glad to be of service.